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6 Fun Things to do With Your Pressure Washer

    That’s right, there’s something really fun about using a pressure washer. Perhaps it’s all in the imagination since you can totally hold a pressure washer wand and pretend to be a Ghostbuster. But there are so many ways that using a pressure washer can be fun and exciting, and not just for the person using it. Here you will find 6 fun things to do with your pressure washer.

    While some of these things need extreme caution, and we probably wouldn’t recommend doing some of them on a regular basis, most cleaning equipment does not provide the versatility or excitement of the pressure washer.

    The Mildly Satisfying Clean

    The obvious is that cleaning with a pressure washer is oh so satisfying. Say you’re cleaning a deck that has not been cleaned in a while and you start to see that fresh deck look to come up from seconds with the pressure washer. You start making lines and slowly you see the deck get cleaner and cleaner.

    Then you get to wash all that dirt flow away in the water. It’s the most exciting with tile or brick when you start to clean and you notice that the color you thought the surface was is actually totally different! There’s some sort of pride that comes with being the one who gets to say, “I changed that to its original color!”

    Make Sidewalk Art with a Pressure Washer

    Maybe you’re kind of bored on a sunny day and want to make the kids laugh. Break out the pressure washer and do some fun designs on your driveway. Sidewalk art does not last long, and odds are you’ll probably just want to clean the whole thing anyway, but you can get a few minutes of joy by making a cool looking design or drawing a cartoon character.

    Custodians at theme parks have had many pictures go viral with their sidewalk art, as they appear to be simply cleaning the ground and you find out when you walk closer that they are actually creating a wonderful picture of a favorite character.

    Peel Potatoes for Dinner

    Who doesn’t love potatoes? As much as you may love the skin, there are so many uses for the potato and it is a food staple almost everywhere. From fries, mashed potatoes, or using them in a stew, there are many reasons why you may want to peel potatoes. It can take forever to peel each individual potato, so ditch the peeler and use a pressure washer.

    Yes, we are serious. Use your pressure washer to peel your potatoes! Bring those potatoes outside and put them in a cart or a bucket with holes. So that water does just fill up the container. Use the pressure washer at a close range to start forcing the peel off that potato. To get a more all over peel, you can also get a clean (and unused!) toilet brush and attach it to a drill to scrape off any pieces your pressure washer missed.

    While not the most conventional use for a pressure washer, it can certainly liven up a dinner party.

    cleaning a deck

    Holiday Fun with a Pressure Washer

    There are a few ways you can brighten the holidays using your pressure washer. First, there’s Halloween and you can actually use your pressure washer to carve a pumpkin. You should definitely do this outside and you may want to bring a friend or two, and some safety goggles, to help you out. Trace the design you want for your pumpkin with a sharpie and empty out the pumpkin’s insides before you begin.

    Using a very narrow setting for your pressure washer and hold the pumpkin in place. Then, follow the sharpie lines and your jack-o-lantern will be smiling in no time. The edges may be pretty jagged, so having a knife on standby to clean up the sides wouldn’t hurt either.

    Another holiday fun tip for 6 fun things to do with your pressure washer is to create snow. As long is it cold enough outside, if you use your pressure washer on a mist setting. Hold the wand in the air, and be like Elsa and let it go! You’ll need to hold the wand at a 45-degree angle to get the best results. The colder it is, the more effective it’ll be. While this might not be able to give the Californians a White Christmas, it does allow people in colder climates to have some snow fun without the wait.

    The Versatility of a Pressure Washer

    Looking to clear your walkway on autumn leaves? Try your pressure washer, don’t go out and buy a leaf blower! Pressure washers deliver a good amount of pressure for you to be able to move the leaves around. Raking can be a hassle as the leaves just end up blowing everywhere anyway as you move around. The pressure washer allows the leaves to stick together better and you can force them into piles for easy pickup.

    Get A Ball Out of a Tree

    This one may be a little more obvious. However, you’d be surprised how many other alternatives people try before relying on their loyal pressure washer. Kids are playing outside and–uh-oh–the ball got stuck in the tree. Instead of struggling with ladders or some creative parkour, just use the pressure washer. Hold the wand up and aim it at the ball. It’ll likely be forced out of the tree, leaving your kids laughing as they chase after it.

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