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The Best Pressure Washers for DIYers

    man pressure washing a house with one of the best pressure washers for diyers

    Ready to clean off your interlocking, front steps, or driveway with a power washer? There are many DIY projects that can benefit from a pressure washer, but which should you choose? We’ve compiled a list of the best pressure washers for DIYers for home use, plus a short review of each.

    When reading this list, keep in mind that we think anything significantly over 2000 PSI is overkill for DIY projects. We’ve rated lower powered pressure washers that are easier to use and less expensive. After all, expense and difficulty are the two main things that stop homeowners from buying their own pressure washer.

    While you can’t go wrong choosing almost any of these pressure washers, each has it’s own unique features and is best for different uses. Delve into our pressure washer reviews a bit to gauge which would make the top of your own list from our best pressure washers for DIYers.

    1. Sun Joe SPX3000

    PSI: 2030

    The Sun Joe X3000 makes the top of our list of best pressure washers for DIYers because it is convenient and simple to use. The base is only 31 lbs and has sturdy wheels that move in 360 degrees so that it rolls along with you no matter what. It has five interchangeable spray tips that offer you every type of spray you need as a homeowner, including a soap attachment for vehicles. The hose is 6 meters long and the onboard reel is convenient to keep it in order.

    One downside of the Sun Joe SPX3000 is that the plastic parts are not very high quality, which we assume is why Sun Joe can afford to price this model so reasonably. The parts may get damaged, however, it does come with a two-year warranty if you run into trouble.

    Even though the Sun Joe SPX3000 advertises at 2030 PSI, it’s working pressure is more like 1450. That’s enough for home use, but those who need a bit more power might head down our list to see Sun Joe’s more powerful options.

    2. PAXCESS Electric Pressure Washer

    PSI: 2150

    The PAXCESS is a very similar pressure washer to our number one choice. It is priced slightly higher and has a slightly higher PSI to match. The PSI may be worth the extra money to you, depending on what you intend to clean. Plus the PAXCESS has a longer hose at 7.9 feet metres, which will come in handy if you plan on pressure washing a tough to reach spot. 

    This model also has an adjustable nozzle instead of removable tips, which does tend to make the hose more durable for the long run than the Sun Joe SPX3000. Without tips, there’s also no chance you’ll lose them. That being said, the hose can get clogged more easily than the Sun Joe’s tips will. Plus, like all pressure washers at its price point, it is made of less durable plastic. Ultimately, this pressure washer lost out on the top spot because it is not as simple to move around as the Sun Joe SPX3000 and the reel is harder to use, making storage a bit annoying.

    3. Annovi Reverberi MAX2200

    PSI: 2200

    Compared to the other models we’ve discussed so far, the Annovi Reverberi comes with a few clear advantages. It has more PSI to deliver a more powerful clean. It also has brass connections that prevent leaks, unlike the more flimsy plastic on other models.

    Another unique feature of the Annovi Reverberi MAX2200 is that it sits on a cart, instead of just rolling along on the ground. This is great for seniors or anyone with back pain, as it prevents bending and makes the unit much more easy to use. Even if you just have hilly property, the cart makes everything so simple.

    Annovi Reverberi as a brand also boasts U.S. based customer support, which makes asking your questions about the pressure washer much simpler. This is true for the other Annovi Reverberi pressure washer a little further down on this list.

    All of that being said, the Annovi Reverberi MAX2200 is more expensive than the other models by a considerable margin. For many homeowners, it will be out of your price range. Though, if you find this guy on sale, jump on it!

    4. Sun Joe SPX4000

    PSI: 2030

    This is the more powerful, and more expensive, version of our number one pick. The Sun Joe SPX4000 actually achieves the 2030 PSI it advertises and has a lower pressure setting of 1450 PSI for more sensitive DIY tasks. Like the other model, it has five convenient spray tips that allow you to customize your spray without adjusting the angle or using other non-intuitive adjustments.

    As a bonus, the Sun Joe SPX4000 also has a convenient cart that makes it easier to move the unit around without bending over or struggling. It actually weighs less than the other model, which may be a reflection of its higher quality parts.

    That being said, the Sun Joe SPX4000 may also suffer from broken parts. It seems some customers have reported their pressure washers damaged in transport, although it is by no means all of them. So, it’s a great peace of mind that the SPX4000 offers a two-year warranty just like the other model.

    5. Martha Stewart 1450 MAX

    PSI: 1450

    The Martha Stewart power washer is inexpensive and underpowered compared to many of the power washers on our list. That being said, it makes the top five because it fits a very specific niche. You can confidently buy this pressure washer for those who might struggle with the high powered models. It easily carried in one hand, with no wheels. It’s only 16 pounds, so even those who aren’t used to heavy lifting will have no problem carrying it around. The twist nozzle adjusts the spray and the power washer also has a soap tank to add some suds to your wash routine.

    The Martha Stewart 1450MAX is an excellent option for the grandfather who just wants to be able to conveniently wash his car without stretching or straining. It’s also great for gentler household tasks, making it a gift option for Mother’s Day, especially if the mothers in your life wouldn’t want to handle a heavy-duty pressure washer.

    6. GreenWorks 1500 PSI

    PSI: 1500

    For more PSI and less cost than the Martha Stewart model, the GreenWorks electric pressure washer makes a lot of sense. It ranks lower on the list only because it is less convenient to operate. It weighs a bit more, and you have to attach a spray bottle to add in soap. You have to unattach the bottle to go back to regular non-soap water, which is very inconvenient, especially for the light pressure household tasks that the pressure washer is best for.

    That being said, there’s a lot going for the GreenWorks pressure washer. It’s remarkably low priced and comes with a secure warranty. Unlike with some other brands, there are no reports we could find of the pressure washer arriving damaged. It’s still made of less sturdy plastic, but with a lower PSI, this doesn’t seem to be much of a problem. Leaks seem to be a bigger issue. The foam bottle specifically seems to leak for many and sometimes even the handle.

    Just as with the Martha Stewart pressure washer, you are not going to be able to do the heaviest- duty cleaning projects with this pressure washer. It would struggle to clean a driveway but is great for cars, siding, and other lower pressure projects.

    7. Karcher K5 Premium

    PSI: 2000

    With the Karcher K5, we have returned to high PSI, high-cost pressure washers. The K5 is top-quality, achieving the 2000 PSI it advertises and avoiding the broken parts that plague some other brands. The 25-foot hose is long, and the reel is simpler to handle than the reels on some other models. The K5 boasts that its engine will last five times longer than other motors because it is cooled by the water you use. For homeowners, that is significant value, especially if you’re comfortable paying the
    $330 for the model.

    It’s quiet, it can handle any DIY pressure washing task, so what are its downsides? This pressure washer is hard to operate. It has two wheels and can fall over if you reach the end of your hose. The wands can be annoying to attach. The Karcher K5 Premium also still has a few plastic pieces that are more prone to leaks and breaks than if they were metal. The Karcher reputation for durability seems to be slipping a bit. On the other hand, Karcher offers a two-year warranty for this model, so you may be able to get a replacement if it clunks out early.

    8. Stanley SHP 2150

    PSI: 2150

    The Stanley SHP 2150 combines a high PSI with convenient attachments that make a DIY project a little easier. Attachments include a pressure washer gun, wand, and foam cannon. It also has an O-ring replacement kit, which could come in handy.

    Just like the Karcher model, the Stanley SHP 2150 also has a two-year warranty and 25-foot hose. It benefits from brass connectors that the Karcher lacks, which makes it more leak resistant and durable. Unfortunately, it is plastic on the inside and has a quirk where you can break the connector if you don’t attach it properly the first time. For this reason, it isn’t a great choice if you’re not used to handling fittings or haven’t worked with a lot of hose connectors before. That’s why this otherwise great model is so low on our list.

    If you do buy this entry on our best pressure washers for DIYers, you’ll benefit from quality construction, high PSI and relatively low cost. Just read the assembly instructions carefully.

    9. Annovi Reverberi AR383

    PSI: 1800

    For its price, the Annovi Reverberi AR383 isn’t a pressure washer we’d recommend. While it boasts that uses less water than your garden hose (and is therefore environmentally friendly) less water may limit it’s cleaning power. When you use it, you’ll find it’s 1800 PSI is a little less impressive than it sounds. The pressure washer comes with a Turbo wand, but it delivers pulsating pressure, which means the same job is going to take you longer.

    Further, the AR383 lacks a lot of the quality of life features that you’d expect if you were using another pressure washer on this list. It is slightly heavier and has a slightly shorter hose than many others, which makes it a little harder to maneuver and use. It also only has a one year warranty, while many other pressure washers have a two-year warranty. Leaks in the connectors may also be a problem with this model and most homeowners won’t want to deal with fixing that.

    10. Karcher K1700

    PSI: 1700

    The Karcher K1700 is a great middle ground in terms of price and PSI on our list of best pressure washers for DIYers. It’s most stand-out feature is an on-off switch that is a foot pedal on the bottom of the unit. That being said, it has some drawbacks. It comes with a 15-degree wand that isn’t adjustable. Your other options are a Turbo and Soap wand, which means this pressure washer just isn’t adjustable enough to handle the wide range of household tasks that you might want it to.

    While it looks like it has an impressive three-year warranty, many customers have complained that the company will not honor the warranty. That may be because the manufacturer’s website itself doesn’t list it, but the Amazon listing does. We’re not sure how Karcher will handle any warranty claims, but you may not be willing to take the chance.

    Which of these pressure washers from our best pressure washers for DIYers list is best for the home uses you have in mind? We hope you’ve found the right model for your DIY projects. Check out our other posts for information on how to use your pressure washer when it arrives!

    If you’d like to learn tips and ideas about how a pressure washer can help you around the home check out our how to prep your house before pressure washing and the best pressure washing detergents.

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