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About Us

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Thanks for checking Just Pressure Washers. We are made of up of a couple of people who found a passion for pressure washers. There’s nothing more satisfying that tackling a grown over grimey backyard or fence and making it look like it did on the day it was installed.


It’s our hope that if you have a shared interest in pressure washers that we’ll be able to help you learn a thing or two about them. This will help you take your cleaning projects to a whole other level. If you are brand new to pressure washers or just curious then we also hope to help give you the info you need to choose a system that is right for you and be able to use it to it’s full capacity.


We’ll be updating with new articles, how-tos, reviews, and guides as often as we can. Check back often to see how we’ve grown and learn some new tips and tricks to try out with your own pressure washer. If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions for articles and review then please contact us.